It’s 3:30 am and I feel like strangling myself with the wire to my headphones

I can’t be the only one

Testing out the new sound system


I have the house to myself. To celebrate I am listening to music very loudly.

So far Queens of the Stone Age, Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, Swim Good, and Soda Bomb sodabombband

Next up: Dinosaur Jr.

Also, Original 16 Canadian Pale Ale is very good.

This dude knows how to chill god damn


Soft Grunge by Soda Bomb

I just wanted to let you guys know that I love your music a LOT and I listen to it on a daily basis and you guys are just amazing man I wanna buy you all the pizza in the world

Thats the best thing to hear right now and it makes me incredibly excited to release this new album to people like you. Thank you a ton and we would accept that pizza any time

Where did Taylor get his hat?

Yoyo which hat? Lol


I intially really liked Soda Bomb at first cause they were nothing like what I’ve ever heard. Hooligan sounded like it was recorded live in a tube. I didnt know what to think. But seeing them starting to move on to bigger/better things is really fucking cool. The direction their music is heading is blowing my mind. Listen to them if you havent

this guy has heard the new tracks, he aint lyin

You and Ted Nguyent should come to Boston MA!

We just played with those dudes over the weekend!! We’ll definitely keep that in mind!!